SIPSTECH is the most widespread provider of SIPs manufacturing equipment in the world. We partner with manufacturers worldwide to provide them with the highest quality SIPs machinery on the market today as part of a complete turn key manufacturing business.

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Our Exclusive Lineup Of Precision Engineered Machinery Produces The Highest Quality SIP Products

Engineered To Exceed Expectations

For over 20 years, our engineers have been extensively researching all aspects involved in the manufacturing and production of SIPs building components. We have applied everything we have learned to significantly improve the efficiency of our machinery and every stage of the production process.
That’s why SIPSTECH can provide our partners with the most advanced lineup of machinery at the most competitive prices on the market. It’s also the reason our partners can provide their customers with the most advanced pre-engineered building system in the world at a price their competition won’t be able to match.
On top of that, we build our machinery to last longer. We use heavy gauge metals, and reliable components to ensure our machines can handle high volume workloads for many years without issue.
See below to learn more about some of the features and highlights available with our machinery, or give us a call, and we would be happy to discuss solutions that fill any need you have.

the benefits of advanced R&D

SIPSTECH'S Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

The Most Wide Spread SIPs Manufacturing Technology

Our SIPs technology is in use in more countries around the world than any other SIPs equipment supplier

We Have a Solution For Every Budget & Every Application

We have high-quality economy options with prices starting at $109,600 CDN for SIPSTECH's Standard Production Line

High Strength Construction

We build our machines stronger to last longer and to withstand the high-pressure lamination required by NA standards

Unequaled CNC Precision

Our stand-alone and built-in CNC capabilities cut the most accurate recesses in the industry

Fully Automated Solutions

Our machines come with complete level 1 or level 2 automation depending on your needs

Over 20 Pre-configured Solutions

We have over 20 different line configurations to meet your needs and production targets

Jumbo & Narrow Panel Lines

We offer fully automatic production lines in both narrow (1.22m wide) and jumbo (2.44+m wide) sized panels

Engineered & Built In Canada

Our machines are all designed and manufactured in house at our production facilities in Canada

Ongoing Product Development

For over 20 years, we have remained focused on the advancement of SIPs technology through our extensive research and development of every aspect of SIPs production. From increasing the efficiency of our panel lamination process to our industry-leading automation abilities, we are proud to have developed the most technologically advanced, fully integrated, SIPs production lines available today.

On top of all our work, making sure we are providing our partners with the most efficient equipment on the market, we continue to bring innovations to market. Like our dedicated cement panels line which we precisely engineered to significantly optimise the efficiency of cement panel fabrication, when compared to our non-dedicated lines. (All of our lines can accept cement, steel, and wood-based skins)

Our research and development teams will continue to bring advancements in production and material science to our partners while we continue to lead the industry in unparalleled efficiency.

**SIPSTECH now offers dedicated cement panel lines. Cement panels, as shown below, are used to construct fireproof panels with very high R-values, suitable for use in applications like the multistory apartment complex shown here**


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