SIPTECH Partners are builders with a vision.

Construction using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology is the future of the industry

Structural Insulated Panels form part of a pre-engineered building system, manufactured off-site in a strictly controlled environment and then transported in a suitable format for on-site installation in the most efficient way.

The versatility of this product enables it to be used for the construction of houses, apartments, commercial and retail to name just a few. 

In construction there are three primary opposing forces are Cost, Quality and Time.

The Cost, Quality and Time triangle has three opposing corners that tend to pull at each other. Putting emphasis on one corner tends to have an opposing, negative effect on the other corners.

If the primary concern is meeting an aggressive timeline, then it’s likely cost will increase and a risk that quality will also be compromised.

If there is a more flexible building schedule, it may allow the builder the time to achieve a higher standard of quality and more opportunity to better control costs.

If quality is your primary consideration, the cost will be higher and the construction may take longer.

If your primary concern, however, is staying within a specified budget, accepting a more modest quality standard may be required.

With traditional construction you always have to compromise, until now, with a SIPSTECH MANUFACTURING SOLUTION there is no compromise. You can produce the highest quality SIP building components in the shortest period of time and at great savings. This translates into building more higher quallity buildings faster for a higher profit margin.

Being a SIPTECH Partner (Licensee)

The reason our partners achieve such success is that Ecopan is far more than a SIP equipment manufacturer; we are at the head of a network of independent companies which manufacture panels under our trademark.

This unique structure means that Ecopan offers far more to our SISPTECH Partners than any other equipment manufacturer in the industry.

Whereas other manufacturers are interested only in selling the equipment—after which they no longer care whether their clients succeed or fail—Ecopan makes its profits from an ongoing relationship with our SISPTECH Partners.

This means that from the very beginnings of Albany Manufacturing Corporation to the present our equipment has been designed with the profitability of the panel manufacturer in mind.

Our success depends on the success of our SISPTECH Partners, and to that end we have put together a package of services incomparable to anything in the industry.

Under the licensing agreement our SISPTECH Partners receive a complete transfer of all technology needed to build and to market SIPs and SIP structures (including testing and engineering data necessary for code compliance).

SISPTECH Partners receive ongoing technical support and the benefits of our continual research and development efforts; and they receive the benefits of our 20 years of experience and extensive contacts in the industry.


SIPTECH Partners Profit

Design of SIPs buildings and manufacturing of building components have been studied carefully and new solutions have been applied for the benefit lowering the cost of both, manufacturing and construction of SIP buildings. All of this resulted in the most competitive pricing present today on the market.

The unparalleled efficiency of our systems allows our SISPTECH Partners to substantially undercut their competition while not only providing their clients with a superior product but also realising unprecedented profits. In the last year Ecopan has installed three high volume automated production lines across Canada—with three more in development.

For example, our licencees with automated lines can sell SIPs building packages for the price equivalent to the cost of material plus $1.00 per square foot. The recent market study made for one of our SISPTECH Partners found out that their price for a house package was $0.83 lower per square foot of wall/roof package than the next lowest priced competitor.

Isn't it time you became a SIPSTECH Partner?

SIPSTECH Manufacturing Solutions are available in mutiple configurations based on the specific requirements of our Strategic Partners.

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