Mariyan Trnski is the principal and founder of Ecopan parent company of SIPSTECH Inc. Mr. Trnski has been involved in the structural insulated panel business for over twenty years.

Mr. Trnski had a long-standing interest in cutting edge building systems when he formed Albany Homes in 1991 to market and build SIP homes.

After marketing and building SIP homes, Mr. Trnski who holds an engineering degree from the University of Zagreb developed his own lamination process.

Over the first three years of producing panels, the lamination process and the building system developed by Mr. Trnski were refined and streamlined.

Since 2003 Ecopan has installed twelve plants (with few more in different stages of completion) across Europe and North America and is the fastest growing SIP company in the world, with the most international experience.

It is this experience of keeping up with the rapid growth of the SIP market that led to the development of the most efficient SIP production process available today.

From the very beginning Ecopan has designed all machinery in-house with the goal of maximising the efficiency of panel construction.

Waste materials, operator error and manual handling of materials have been drastically reduced or eliminated.

Design of SIPs buildings and manufacturing of building components have been studied carefully and new solutions have been applied for the benefit lowering the cost of both, manufacturing and construction of SIP buildings.

All of this resulted in the most competitive pricing present today on the market

Ecopan Founder Mariyan Trnski (L)
toasting the opening of another SIPSTECH Plant.

with any questions you may have regarding this revolutionary building process.
Ecopan is the most widespread SIPs technology in the world

SIPSTECH Strategic Partner Program

The reason for such success is that Ecopan is far more than a SIP equipment manufacturer; Ecopan is at the head of a network of independent companies which manufacture panels under our trademark.

The unparalleled efficiency of our systems allows our licensees to substantially undercut their competition while not only providing their clients with a superior product but also realising unprecedented profits.

This unique structure means that Ecopan offers far more to our Strategic Partners than any other equipment manufacturer in the industry.

Whereas other manufacturers are interested only in selling the equipment—after which they no longer care whether their clients succeed or fail—Ecopan makes its profits from an ongoing relationship with each Strategic Partner.

This means that from the very beginning our equipment has been designed with the profitability of the panel manufacturer in mind.
Our success depends on the success of our Strategic Partners, and to that end we have put together a package of services incomparable to anything in the industry.

Under our licensing agreement our Strategic Partners receive a complete transfer of all technology needed to build and market SIPs and SIP structures (including testing and engineering data necessary for code compliance).

Strategic Partners receive ongoing technical support and the benefits of our continual research and development efforts; and they receive the benefits of our 20+ years of experience and extensive contacts in the industry.

The Ecopan family also provides an immediate network of allied companies across the world.

Our Strategic Partner Licensees can even benefit from other licensees in the same geographical area, teaming up for increased buying power, for example, or co-operating in a joint venture to set up a local raw materials plant.


Ongoing Product Development

Ecopan has been concentrating on the development of still more efficient processes for the lamination of panels and for the manufacture of panellised buildings. Ecopan has developed the most sophisticated and the only fully integrated SIP assembly lines available today.

Our fully integrated lines have been specifically designed for SIP production, and are not a patchwork of machines made by different manufacturers.

Ecopan’s research and development team strives not only to stay on the cutting edge of efficient production, but also remains on the cutting edge of new building materials.

There is a growing interest in the market for SIPs with cement skins and, although all of our lines can handle cement, steel and wood-based skins, Ecopan has recently developed a line specifically designed to optimise the efficiency of cement panel construction.

The continuing goal of our R&D team is to grow with the market while maintaining our unparalleled efficiency.

SIPSTECH now offers cement panel lines. Cement panels as seen below are being used as high R-Value exterior skins for a four story apartment complex.

SIPSTECH Manufacturing Solutions are available in mutiple configurations based on the specific requirements of our Strategic Partners.

If you are interested in becoming a SIPSTECH Strategic Partner please :

Call: ++1 (403) 277 4000 or


How long has SIPSTECH been in business?

SIPSTECH is owned and operated by Ecopan who has been in the SIP business designing and selling SIP manufacturing equipment since 1992 over 20 years.

What if any advantages are there to having a SIPSTECH license?

Below are just a few of the many advantages of having a SIPSTECH license

• SIPSTECH is one of the leading manufacturers of panel manufacturing equipment
• Volume discounts for supplies
• With SIPSTECH you are in business for yourself but not by yourself
• Marketing support
• Tech support
• Easy start-up; low capital investment

Ecopan invests in research and development with you having access to new technologies and technological processes (production lines)



What if any advantages are there to having a SIPSTECH equipment?

All equipment is from one source making a synchronized and complete line.

Minimum labour force required with lowering wall/roof production cost to few cents rather than few dollars per square foot.

Can we lease SIPSTECH equipment?

Can we talk to other SIPSTECH licensees to find out what they think?